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Earth Beings On Exhibit
Catalog » etxe001
Released » 07.08.08
Formats » CD/Digital


You Better Run, Your Highness
Catalog » etxe002
Released » 07.28.09
Formats » Vinyl/CD/Digital



You Better Run, Your Highness (2009)

"Instead of our usual extended and gushing blather regarding this lovely band, we can simply state that†You Better Run, Your Highness†is easily another favourite release for 2009. Have a first listen to what has us so smitten... Love this Band!"
-Milk Milk Lemonade

"The mix of (obviously) distorted guitars, bass, and drums — with some keyboards thrown in as well — doesn’t have to be a straightjacket recipe for predictability, Thumbs up."
- Delusions of Adequacy

"Electric guitars are a staple of this album in a dotted and dashed kind of routine where the guitar lies directly on the bass, providing a rogue and risky touch. Throughout the album the layers peel away to reveal a fulfilling performance, but the “you better run, you better hide” experience is always fun."
- Exclaim Magazine (Canada)

"A warm, layered disc of precise instrumentation and catchy, melodic rockers, this is one of the most exciting bands to come out of the DC area in a long time. Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys music from such labels as Dischord, De Soto or Slowdime."
- Tom Haugen, Go211.com

"This band has seriously impressive talent in the songwriting department. To put it simply, these guys and gal have a knack for crafting catchy tunes that stick with you like bubblegum on the bottom of a sneaker. Furthermore, there is an urgency, honesty and heft about Girl Loves Distortion’s particular brand of rough-edged guitar pop that can’t be ignored."
-Bis Aufs Messer Recordstore & Mailorder  (Berlin, Germany)

"This DC band proposes to demonstrate a far more pleasant way to make late 80s Dischord “emo” more palatable than what actually happened (cringe). Very diggable!"
- Roctober, Chicago IL

"From the opening sounds,†ou Better Run, Your Highness' is filled with arresting beats and sonic resonance that begs to be turned louder and louder. It also yearns for a turntable (I think the band would agree). So distortion can be more than just a knob or fuzz out your speakerbox. This distortion is something to be loved, by girls and guys alike."
- District of Sound


Earth Beings On Exhibit (2008)

"The songs on this album from this Washington, DC based band are pretty good. Edgy indie-rock is what comes to mind. The song “Psychic Raygun” is a standout track, with a throbbing, repeating line in the bass and raspy, puling guitars, sort of reminding me of another great DC band, Lungfish. “Luminance (We Don’t Dance)” is another, with a funky bass beat, 80s retro vocals, and a post-punk edge."
- Jim Testa, Jersey Beat

"I hear a strong Sonic Youth influence even if it doesn't actually sound like SY per se. But the elements are there: the guitar prowess, the feedback, the dissonance, the artsy factor, the presence of both male and female voices, the unconventional song structures juxtaposed among flashes of catchy pop (like the houseful of shaggy-looking weirdos living on the same block as the clean-cut Normal American Family)."
- Music Emissions


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