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Silo Halo
Catalog » etxe013
Released » 01.19.18
Formats » Vinyl/CD/Digital

Blackout Transmission
Catalog » etxe007
Released » 04.22.14
Formats » Vinyl/CD/Digital

Night and the City
Catalog » etxe004
Released » 04.10.12
Formats » Vinyl/CD/Digital


"The key is that these are songs with a strong personality and not just exercises in attractive noise. There is attractive noise, particularly on "Rosalind", but it is a pleasurable coda on top of a moving song. The title cut is particularly moving with its melding of Tuxedomoon and Sonic Youth moves. This band establishes a mood around their songs and finds intriguing ways to work their guitars and keyboards around the melodies with a solid drum beat underneath."

-DC Rock Live 

"Silo Halo...is adept at creating a lonesome rumble. The four songs on Blackout Transmission, Silo Halo's second release on Etxe Records, all expand past the five-minute mark, and they're all studies in the interplay between warehouse-sized reverb, Nathan Jurgenson's ever-active drumming, and dryly melodic human utterances from bassists/guitarists Greg Svitil and Christopher Goett (the label's co-owner)...Very little on Blackout Transmission is delicate, but there is vulnerability underneath it all. Even the sudden percussive breakdown during the title track feels like it's probing an uncertain future."

- Washington City Paper

"Blackout Transmission is vaster, grander...joined by a wistful edge that wanders through the songs, from the relentless title track to the dreamier “Urban Canyons & Beginnings.” At times, the record has a post-rock feel; at others, it’s un
abashed avant-garde noise. Silo Halo slips effortlessly through dusk to dawn, speared onwards by a search for something lost. Listening to Blackout Transmission is returning to streets you used to walk every day until it hit you, suddenly, that you hadn’t been there in years. Even as it drives forward, the record demands an acknowledgement of what once was and, in turn, the full story of a place, lingering in the air as the sun rises."

- District Beat

"Night and the City makes a more cohesive statement than just about any other local indie-rock album I’ve heard this year"

-  Washington City Paper

"Silo Halo has crafted a disc that truly has everything ... This is hands down the best record I've heard so far this year, a record that is nothing short of stunning... "

- The Daily Vault

"Ambient and space-y instrumentals split up the quick paced, energetic riffage and the buzzing hooks find the perfect balance between noise and melody with a raw, visceral feel. This is the best record I've heard in 2012."

- Tom Haugen, InForty.com

"...songs that feature bell-like guitars and Christin Durham's soprano... yet the album opens with waves of pulsating noise, and industrial din is just as integral to the sound as the gentler elements."

- Mark Jenkins, The Washington Post

"Even the feedback was neatly done... Most of the songs sound like they mayl turn into Mission of Burma's "That When I Reach For My Revolver" or anything by Joy Division."

- To Hell With Good Intentions Fanzine

"Somewhere between the beautiful drone that begins with intro track Silhouette, and ferocious roar at the close of side one with I'm Still Slamming My Head Against A Brick Wall, we found our sweet spot in the song Wonderful Gift. Speaking of gifts, any one of the understated songs belonging to 'Night and the City' could easily serve to highlight this impressive LP..."

- Milk Milk Lemonade

"...short bursts of love and loss, exorcising past ghosts and confronting present adversity. These confessions float higher than a helium-filled Trojan horse in zero gravity when told through an eight-track album that becomes increasingly infectious with every spin."

- Coal Magazine

"...artistic noise that extends from the psychedelic shoegazer to the experimental frontiers of art rock ... an album that can already be considered one of the greatest albums of the year.  This Washington DC trio impresses with the quality use of and nuances given in their wall of sound."

- The Blog That Celebrates Itself

"...a band that uses their 3-person multi-instrumentalist/vocal attack like a well oiled pitching staff. Each member taking turns with their unique style and approach throughout the arrangements. The listener is treated to smart, uplifting lyrics and complex musical change up’s while the classic male-to-female vocal back and forth’s keeps the songs interesting and free-flowing."

- Jaded Bitterman, Bums Logic

"...dynamic moody emotion and swoony, lovely aesthetic richness on this DC trio’s post-post-punk, pre-post-rock debut."

- Rocktober Reviews

"For most bands that revel in static and high volume, the squall reigns supreme. Silo Halo distinguishes itself from the pack by always ensuring the melodies and hooks are never lost amid the drapes of all enveloping noise."

- Rick Taylor, We Fought the Big One

"Silo Halo's first song was sort of Hüsker Dü-ish, and the rest fell somewhere near the territory of driving, energetic art-rock that reminded me of the non-twee parts of the C86 movement; maybe something like The Fall or the Wedding Present or the Pastels or McCarthy or something.Their last song was an epic, shoegazery, dreamy guitar-noise flare-out ballad, it started out pretty Cedermarky but ended up squarely in PsychoCandy territory."

- James, Nailgun Media



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