Teething Veils is a band carried out by songwriter Greg Svitil.  It began in 2006 in a beige-carpeted second-story bedroom along Florida Avenue in Washington, DC.  Its first live show was on November 25, 2006 at the Montgomery College Planetarium, and featured a star show orchestrated by Dr. Harold Alden Williams as well as music from Chicago’s doom-folk troupe Unlucky Atlas.  Following an ill-received impromptu performance in Dayton, Ohio, shows took place in such venues as Artomatic; WMUC’s Third Rail Radio; Radio CPR; and 611 Florida, at the storied house’s final show before its denizens quit the premises and the landlady installed new floors.  

From December 24, 2011 through July 28, 2012, Teething Veils recorded “Velorio,” its debut album, a double LP for Etxe Records and Productions.  Released on July 10, 2013, “Velorio” is comprised of 21 songs.  For these recordings, Greg assembled a group of old and new friends, long-time and first-time collaborators.  The bulk of the music was recorded by a band consisting of  Krys Baker (accordion, clarinet, flute, french horn, saxophone), Kevin Buckholdt (organ), Hannah Burris (viola), Christin Durham (voice), Craig Garrett (bass guitar), Nathan Jurgenson (drums and percussion), Alexia Kauffman (cello), and Greg Svitil (bass guitar, glockenspiel, guitar, melodica, organ, piano, voice).  Additional, crucial contributions were made by Arthur Harrison (theremin), Christopher Goett (guitar), Jilly Hex (voice & lyrics), The Veilettes- Hannah Burris, Christin Durham, Catherine Lewis (voices), and Trevor Wathen (engineering Jilly in Indianapolis).  

In January 2013, Teething Veils recorded “Constellations,” an LP containing two 25-minute pieces of music, set for release on Etxe in 2014.

In the summer of 2013, the band carried out a 17-date national tour.  They continue to play live dates in the DC area year-round.  The band is planning to record music for a split cassette release with Undercast, the project of Silo Halo/Girl Loves Distortion’s Christopher Goett.

Teething Veils continues to make songs, a stone’s throw away from where it was born.