7.11.15 @ Dr. Clock’s Nowhere Bar / Washington, DC (with Paige Allbritton, The Red Fetish, Eight Belles)

7.21.15 @ Capital Fringe Festival, Georgetown Library / Washington, DC

8.7.15 @ We Fought the Big One, Marx Cafe, Mt Pleasant / Washington, DC
"Dinner Date" 7” release show

5.2.15 @ The TV John Show / Greenbelt, MD (with Susan Sus Gonder) 

4.26.15 @ The Pinch / Washington, DC (with Matthew Teardrop, Tim James)

4.23.15 @ Bossa / Washington, DC (with Hélène Renaut)

1.11.15 @ The Galaxy Hut / Arlington, VA (with Matthew Teardrop, TV John and the Legendary Band)

12.04.14 @ Dr. Clock’s Nowhere Bar / Washington, DC (with The Red Fetish, Grogan Social Scene, Daniel Suhre)

11.02.14 @ The Pinch / Washington, DC (with Weed Tree, Kuschty Rye Ergot)

10.04.14 @ Nutstock / Fairfax, VA (with Jonny Cohen, Calico Rabbit, Unraveled, Will Simmons and Crab Nebula, TV John and the Legendary Band, Soul Excursion, Alzo Bozhormeinyi and the Acid Achievers, Quarter-Inch Jack: A Tribute to Drug Yacht (Featuring all original members of Drug Yacht), Talk It, Bizness Casual, Sansyou)

07.20.14 @ The Pinch / Washington, DC (with TV John and the Legendary Band, 90 Proof Therapist, Enigma Code, Gloom, Foehammer, Suffer No Guilt, New American Nightmare, Johnny B Morbid, Scarecrows Curse, PAIN!, The Sonic Creeps, Hydra Kyll, Metanium, Throwdown Syndicate, We Are Hex, Acid Deth Kvlt)

05.04.14 @ The Pinch / Washington, DC (with Frankie and Betty, The Red Fetish)

04.10.14 @ The Pinch / Washington, DC (with Overly Polite Tornadoes, Elemental Canyon)

12.09.13 @ The Velvet Lounge / Washington, DC (with Nice Breeze, ARU)

09.17.13 @ The Velvet Lounge / Washington, DC (with The Cell Phones, Sansyou)

08.15.13 @ Tree House Lounge / Washington, DC (with Elemental Canyon, Monkey Pudding Face, Matthew Teardrop)

08.01.13 @ White Rabbit / Indianapolis, IN (with Ancient Slang, 2150’s)

07.31.13 @ Blank Space / St. Louis, MO (with What We Won’t See, Akendo, No Bails, Bruiser Queen)

07.30.13 @ Frank’s North Star / Lawrence, KS (with Something and the Whatevers, Y[our] Fri[end])

07.29.13 @ Lost Lake / Denver, CO (with Dear Creek, El Amor)

07.28.13 @ Bart’s Music Shack / Boulder, CO

07.26.13 @ Venus Rising / Butte, MT

07.24.13 @ Hollow Earth Radio / Seattle, WA (with The Earwigs, Scarves)

07.23.13 @ The Record Room / Portland, OR (with Barnaby Woods, Shadowlands)

07.21.13 @ Hotel Utah / San Francisco, CA (with Warren Teagarden and the Good Grief, Clamhawk Manor)

07.20.13 @ Lot 1 / Los Angeles, CA (with Manhattan Murder Mystery, Seasons, Dialtone)

07.19.13 @ Skrappy’s / Tucson, AZ (with OrangeKids, OceanVoid, Blind Divine)

07.18.13 @ El Cosmico / Marfa, TX

07.17.13 @ Beerland / Austin, TX (with Quin Galavis, The Sour Notes, Ruby Fray)

07.16.13 @ Mud and Water / Baton Rouge, LA (with Luke Ash)

07.15.13 @ The Flicker Theater / Athens, GA (with Hand Sand Hands, Freaks in the Fire)

07.14.13 @ The Odditorium / Ashville, NC (with TEAM)

07.12.13 @ Judy’s Bar and Restaurant / Washington, DC (with Aaron Thompson) 
"Velorio" LPx2 album release show 

04.25.13 @ Velvet Lounge / Washington, DC (with Go Cozy, Bella Russia, England in 1819)

11.08.12 @ CD Cellar / Arlington, VA (with Kuschty Rye Ergot, Fuxa,Domesticated Wild Drones)

10.06.12 @ The Pentagon / Baltimore, MD (with The Water, Nervous Curtains, The Squaaks)

09.15.12 @ Nutstock / Vienna, VA (with Brian B Band, Jonny Cohen, Nautical Miles, Alzo Bozhormeinyi, Soul Excursion, Ein Rollander Steins, Friends of No Particular Distinction, Suspects DC)

09.09.12 @ SOVA Wine & Espresso Bar / Washington, DC

06.08.12 @ The Little Grill Collective / Harrisonburg, VA (with Buck Gooter, Sew, Ars Phoenix)

06.07.12 @ Emilio's / Richmond, VA (with Ars Phoenix, Crushed Purple, Mystery Ship)

04.03.12 @ Sidebar Tavern / Baltimore, MD (Seaglass, Glowfriends, Vasco)

03.09.12 @ The Velvet Lounge / Washington, DC (with Screen Vinyl Image, Foreign Resort, Last Remaining Pinacle)

10.30.11 @ The Velvet Lounge / Washington, DC (with Fuxa, Kuschty Rye Ergot)

09.15.11 @ Experiencing A Significant Gravitas Shortfall, Radio CPR / Washington, DC

08.26.11 @ SOVA / Washington, DC (with Janel and Anthony, The Dimmer Twins)

08.12.11 @ The Cherch / Washington, DC (with MV & EE, Sacred Harp)

06.04.11 @ SOVA / Washington, DC (with Aaron Thompson, Caleb Stine, The Dimmer Twins)

03.05.11 @ Garment District Gallery / Washington, DC (with Phonic Riot)

11.13.10 @ The Velvet Lounge / Washington, DC (with Fall Catalogue, Aaron Thompson)

09.11.10 @ Nutstock / Vienna, VA (with TV John, Eamon Clifford, Jonny Cohen, Talk It, High Noone, Drumble in the Jungle, Soul Excursion, Alzo Bozhormeinyi & The Acid Achievers, The Vague Rants, The Foul Mouths, Mercury Fools the Alchemist, Sansyou, Art of the Theremin)

09.29.10 @ The Black Cat Backstage / Washington, DC (with Glowfriends, Prom Concussion)

01.17.10 @ The Velvet Lounge / Washington, DC (with Screen Vinyl Image, Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor, Scrap Heep)

10.23.09 @ Crab's Claw / Washington, DC (with Spirits of the Red City, Bop Beetle)

09.12.09 @ Nutstock / Fairfax, VA (with TV John, Soul Excursion, Alzo, Jonny Cohen, High Noone, Shakey Eatz, Joe the Fireman, Industrial Soldier, Torch/Money, Garland Time, The Resistables, North Carolina House Band, Full Frontal Jody, Teething Veils, Art of the Theremin, Le Weekend, Donnie the Lion)

07.18.09 @ The Basement Speakeasy 'Night of a Thousand Suns"  / Arlington, VA (with Ars Phoenix, Bop Beetle, Fall Catalogue, Hannah Racecar, Screen Vinyl Image, Space Tigers, The Water)

07.06.09 @ TheVelvet Lounge (with Kohoutek, Locrian, Our Brother the Native, Religious Girls)

04.19.09 @ The Velvet Lounge / Washington, DC (with We Are Hex, Girl Loves Distortion)

04.18.09 @ Basement Speakeasy / Arlington, VA (with We Are Hex, Screen Vinyl Image)

04.05.09 @ WMUC Third Rail Radio / College Park, MD (with Screen Vinyl Image)

09.13.08 @ 611 Florida [THE END OF 611 FLORIDA = FREE FOLK PHANTASMAGORY ] / Washington, DC  (with Kohoutek, Max Ochs, Julie Mittens, Human Adult Band, Silver Summit, Hat City Intuitive, Ilya Monosov, Insect Factory, Layne Garrett)

08.25.08 @ The Velvet Lounge / Washington, DC (with Acheronian, Oblisk, Cash Slave Clique)

08.10.08 @ WMUC Third Rail Radio / College Park, MD

05.22.08  @ Artomatic / Washington, DC (with Screen Vinyl Image)

04.26.08 @ Galaxy Hut / Arlington, VA  (with Screen Vinyl Image)

01.06.08 @ The Velvet Lounge / Washington, DC  (with 28 Degrees Taurus, Screen Vinyl Image)

11.07.07 @ The Nite Owl / Dayton, OH (with Prom Concussion, The Antiques)

07.09.07 @ The Red and the Black / Washington, DC (with Screen Vinyl Image, We Are Hex)

11.25.06 @ Montgomery College Planetarium / Takoma Park, MD (with Unlucky Atlas)