R.I.P. David Bowie

Just one year ago, both Teething Veils and The Undercast contributed tracks to The Blog That Celebrates Itself's David Bowie Compilation released on January 8th, 2015 to commemorate Bowie's 68th Birthday. Little did we know that this would mark the beginning of David's last year on this mortal coil.

It is with great respect, honor, and gratitude that we post our artist's renditions of two songs from David Bowie's vast catalogue.

The Undercast - "Boys Keep Swinging" from Davie Bowie's album Lodger

Teething Veils "Warszawa" from David Bowie's album Low


Happy New Year!  

Happy New Year from all of us at Etxe Records!  We've been active in the mixing and recording realms over the past few weeks with Silo Halo, Teething Veils, and The Undercast all putting in studio time.

This past Saturday Teething Veils returned to Inner Ear Studios to record strings.  Engineers Hugh McElroy and Kevin Erickson have been at the healm with the band, assisted by Kelsey Butterworth.

Seven years earlier in to the very same day Girl Loves Distortion were in Inner Ear recording their second full-length LP "You Better Run, Your Highness" in January 2009 with Devin Ocampo engineering the effort.

Releases by Girl Loves Distoriton and Teething Veils are available in our webstore. We appreciate your support! 



Dia de los Muertos Fall Update

We wish all our friends a happy and reflective Day of the Dead. Girl Loves Distortion recorded a song in honor of the holiday - view it on YouTube here.

Speaking of YouTube, we've uploaded a good portion of our discography on our channel for your streaming pleasure.

Teething Veils spent a weekend in September at Inner Ear ecording the foundation for songs comprising their next full-length LP "Sea and Sun." They will return to Inner Ear in December to continue tracking. Check out their Facebook page for images and updates.

The Undercast have set up operations in Los Angeles, CA and have resumed recording and mixing songs that will surface on their upcoming Etxe release in 2016.  

Silo Halo are presently recording their 3rd LP. They have many songs recorded and are recording a few more to appear on the next record.


Teething Veils "Dinner Date" 7" released today

Teething Veils' third body of music for Etxe, "Dinner Date" is relesaed on vinyl 7" and digital formats on August 4. This new EP was made by Hannah Burris (viola), Alexia Kauffman (cello), and Greg Svitil (guitar, voice). These recordings were mastered by James Plotkin at Plotkinworks. The artwork was made by Adam de Boer. The sleeve was designed by Jon P Goldman


Here is the track listing:
Dinner Date
b/w Out of Caverns into Snow

Listen here.

You can order your copy through the Etxe webstore. Also available at Bump N Grind and other DC-area record stores. 


Silo Halo - New Music Video for Blackout Transmission!