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Ars Phoenix is a darkwave/post-punk/synth pop trio featuring Jon Glover on vocals, synth, guitar/dobro, 5-string bass, glockenspiel, and sampler/drum machine; Caitlin Ollinger on vocals, synth, glockenspiel, and Indian bamboo flute; and Mike Cruickshank on electric violin and synth. Currently residing in Vero Beach, FL, Ars Phoenix remains a staple of the Gainesville, FL music scene, where Ars Phoenix was transformed from an essentially defunct solo project into a working band in 2008. Ars Phoenix has recently appeared on two compilations for the Brazilian shoegaze/nu-gaze label The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records, showcasing an ability to blur the boundaries between electronic pop and guitar-driven rock music. Having just completed their third East Coast tour (summer 2013), Ars Phoenix is completing a 12" LP for Etxe Records called Violent Rain, a title that embodies the Florida trio's sensitivity to the darker, sublime, and less tameable aspects of the Sunshine State. This past March, Ars Phoenix released a single for "Amethyst" on the Locrian-operated Land of Decay cassette label. The limited edition run of 50 copies rapidly sold out, enticing listeners with a gripping preview of Violent Rain.