The Red Fetish Album Release Show & Teething Veils - Tonight in DC for FREE

Celebrating our latest release by The Red Fetish in the form of their album The Wind, As Now, Is Silent, the band will play this batch of songs in its entirety on Tonight, at Capital Fringe. We consider this an album release show.

The Red Fetish will also be joined by label mates and friends, Teething Veils, Daniel Suhre.

This is a free show. Bring your friends and partners.

Venue is wheelchair accessible with performance space and bathrooms at ground level. Entrance to theater has a slight incline. For additional information please call 202.737.7230 or visit https://www.capitalfringe.org/venues/90-trinidad-theatre-logan-fringe-arts-space

The Red Fetish
Known for unpredictability in style, The Red Fetish runs the stylistic gamut, from progressive string quartet compositions to stripped-down acoustic blues-tinged ruminations to experimental folk and prog spaces.

The group will be performing its latest work, The Wind, As Now, Is Silent (2016) in its entirety, with an extended lineup:

Alejandro Castano (vocals, guitars), Kris Kagei (vocals), Bryan McTiernan (drums), Kai Filipczak (bass), Daniel Suhre (vocals, piano), Claire Blaustein (violin), Faheem Moghal (viola), Kylene Kiang (cello), Heidi Dewally (oboe)

Teething Veils

Teething Veils began in 2006, with Greg Svitil writing songs in a beige-carpeted second-story bedroom on Florida Avenue in Washington, DC. A seven-piece Teething Veils band is presently recording a new album, Sea and Sun, fresh out of a cross country tour in support of their album Constellations (2014).

Greg Svitil (vocals, guitar), Hannah Burris (viola)

Daniel Suhre

Dan is a primitive piano player, writer of short rags, dark boogies, and slacker meditations. He uses the piano, what he would describe as a dying instrument, in somewhat old-sounding and strange ways.


teething veils constellations tour & spring shows

Teething Veils are set to embark of the 'Constellations' tour, including a show with Etxe's own The Undercast, bookended by two DC shows. Check back here for additional details in the days ahead. 

April 8 | Silver Spring MD | Bump ‘N’ Grind w/Overly Polite Tornadoes, Get a Tan
April 24 | Indianapolis IN | Cosmic Microwave Radio w/UnWholyGrey, more
April 26 | St Louis MO | Foam w/Bobby Stevens, Smallpox Champion, more
April 28 | Lincoln NE | Tree House w/Leaves Brown, Mildred Bonk
April 29 | Cheyenne WY | Three Crowes w/Mike Morris, Joshua Gonzales
April 30 | Salt Lake City UT | Boing! Anarchist Collective w/Eyesore, Interift
May 1 | Reno NV | Reno Art Works open-studio
May 3 | Oakland CA | Octopus w/Eight Belles, Sonya Harway
May 5 | LA CA | OntheRooftop w/M.Teardrop, Hélène Renaut, The Undercast
May 17 | Washington DC | Velvet Lounge w/The Red Fetish, more




We're invigorated and grateful to announce that our 10th and next release will be none other than The Red Fetish's "The Wind, As Now, is Silent" on April 30! We'll be sharing music and pre-order info with you soon, but for now, we'd like to show you the album artwork by Curry Hackett.

DC friends, the band plays an early show at Bossa this evening. Say hello


R.I.P. David Bowie

Just one year ago, both Teething Veils and The Undercast contributed tracks to The Blog That Celebrates Itself's David Bowie Compilation released on January 8th, 2015 to commemorate Bowie's 68th Birthday. Little did we know that this would mark the beginning of David's last year on this mortal coil.

It is with great respect, honor, and gratitude that we post our artist's renditions of two songs from David Bowie's vast catalogue.

The Undercast - "Boys Keep Swinging" from Davie Bowie's album Lodger

Teething Veils "Warszawa" from David Bowie's album Low


Happy New Year!  

Happy New Year from all of us at Etxe Records!  We've been active in the mixing and recording realms over the past few weeks with Silo Halo, Teething Veils, and The Undercast all putting in studio time.

This past Saturday Teething Veils returned to Inner Ear Studios to record strings.  Engineers Hugh McElroy and Kevin Erickson have been at the healm with the band, assisted by Kelsey Butterworth.

Seven years earlier in to the very same day Girl Loves Distortion were in Inner Ear recording their second full-length LP "You Better Run, Your Highness" in January 2009 with Devin Ocampo engineering the effort.

Releases by Girl Loves Distoriton and Teething Veils are available in our webstore. We appreciate your support!