Blade of Grass mixes analog and electronic instruments to create surging and hypnotic waves rolling underneath  hallucinatory vocals.  Live, the members build off of each other in a continuously intensifying loop as they explore sounds to create feelings.  Josh Murphy’s electrifying vocals collide with Mike Hurst’s psychoactive rush of guitar which is fueled by Amos Przekaza’s furious drumming.

Looks so Good, out on April 20, 2018, is Blade of Grass’ first release on independent Los Angeles and Washington DC based label Etxe Records. The song has already been in rotation on influential Los Angeles radio stations KCRW and KXLU in anticipation of its release, and features the band using analog and electronic instruments to create surging waves that roll underneath hallucinatory vocals, building to a catchy dance chorus that is a psychoactive rush of sound. Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, Blade of Grass have been creating their psychedelic layers of swirling sound since 2015. Live, the members build off of each in a continuously intensifying loop. Josh Murphy’s vocals are unexpected auditory hallucinations that collide with Mike Hurst’s lysergic rush of guitar fueled by Amos Przkaza’s furious drumming. Both of their EPs, Skydream (2015) and Eyes Like Diamonds (2016) have been featured prominently on top college and noncommercial stations like KCRW, KXLU, KEXP, KPFA, WXPN.


Directed by Chip Godwin

About a girl who undergoes a nonlinear transformation with the help of some curious visitors from far away.




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