Highlands is a spaced-out quartet from Long Beach, CA. Comprised of members Scott Holmes, Beau Balek, Justin Ivey, and J.P. Bendzinski, they draw from influences such as Jesus and Mary Chain, The Chameleons, Slowdive, and Spacemen 3.

With the release of their first EP 'Singularity' in 2012, they set the foundations for their hazy, fuzzed out,shoegaze sound.

Their first full length 'Dark Matter Traveler' in 2014 and its follow up 'Dark Matter Remnants', acutely highlight the bands' dark, distorted guitars drenched in vaporous vocals. These records are dynamic and diverse, ranging from intense heavy psychedelia to ethereal shoegaze ballads.

Etxe Records is proud to release the Highlands’ second full length 'Wish You Were' on November 1st, 2019. This long-player will be the first Highlands release produced and engineered by the band's front man Scott Holmes. 'Wish You Were' erupts with atmospheric, immersive songs, that are both hypnotic and alluring.

Highlands has shared the stage with modern psych rock trailblazers such as Black Mountain, Dead Meadow, A Place to Bury Strangers, Cosmonauts, Sleepy Sun, Lumerians, Orange Revival, White Hills, Spindrift and at festivals such as Psycho Las Vegas and Desert Daze.


Highlands, a brand new Etxe Records artist from Long Beach, CA - are sharing a snippet of a video (Dir: Chad Huff) supporting their forthcoming single "Dr. Ron". Etxe Records will be releasing the band's full-length LP "wish you were" on November 1st, 2019

"Show Me", from Highlands record Dark Matter Traveler self-released in 2014 on band’s own imprint Say Again Records.




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