Silo Halo Interview & Album Reviews!


Silo Halo was recently interviewed for the Brazilian music blog called: The Blog That Celebrates Itself (TBTCI).  Here is what TBTCI had to say about Silo Halo's upcoming release Night and the City:

"Instantly coming across new things on the web is routine, and TBTCI’s newest object of adoration goes by the name of Silo Halo: artistic noise that extends from the psychedelic shoegazer to the experimental frontiers of art rock. The group came to TBTCI through its recording with Etxe Records, and the debut of “Night and the City” that will come out on April 10; an album that can already be considered one of the greatest albums of the year.  This Washington DC trio impresses with the quality use of and nuances given in their “wall of sound.” Yet most impressive, is that when you read the interview they gave exclusively to TBTCI, you find out that these guys are absolute fans of Big Black; need I say more, better not; just savor the exclusive and already classic interview at TBTCI ; friends, remember this name: “Silo Halo”.

Full interview available here. 

Special thanks to Xavier Preciado and Ghislaine Ettori for helping with translation.


Local music blog, Bums Logic, gave a very thoughful review of Night and the City.   Read the full review here.

Here is an excerpt:

"Silo Halo is a band that uses their 3-person multi-instrumentalist/vocal attack like a well oiled pitching staff. Each member taking turns with their unique style and approach throughout the arrangements. The listener is treated to smart, uplifting lyrics and complex musical change up’s while the classic male-to-female vocal back and forth’s keeps the songs interesting and free-flowing."

Chicago-based fanzine, Rocktober, also provided a brief review of the upcoming album located here.

Here is an excerpt:

" . . .the dynamic moody emotion and swoony, lovely aesthetic richness of this DC trio’s post-post-punk, pre-post-rock debut."