More Silo Halo Album Reviews!

Silo Halo's debut LP Night and the City has been reviewed by Coal Magazine (Singapore) and Milk Milk Lemonade (Cincinnati).  We included exerpts from each review.  Click on the icons to go to each review!

"Not ones to be blinded by the shoegaze spotlight, DC-based Silo Halo exit stage left to celebrate the visceral on their debut effort, Night and the City. It’s a decision that allows a better-late-than-never featurette to be told through short bursts of love and loss, exorcising past ghosts and confronting present adversity. These confessions float higher than a helium-filled Trojan horse in zero gravity when told through an eight-track album that becomes increasingly infectious with every spin."

"Somewhere between the beautiful drone that begins with intro track Silhouette, and ferocious roar at the close of side one with I'm Still Slamming My Head Against A Brick Wall, we found our sweet spot in the song Wonderful Gift. Speaking of gifts, any one of the understated songs belonging to Night And The City could easily serve to highlight this impressive LP, while also reminding us why we continue to love the hollow, medium-fi offerings from Etxe RecordsSilo Halo is a definite keeper."