The Daily Vault gives "A" Rating for Silo Halo LP!

The Daily Vault gives Silo Halo's debut LP Night and the City an "A" rating: 

"Silo Halo has crafted a disc that truly has everything. They are equally skilled at loud, bombastic swells of layered melody just as they are with ambient, space-y, and nearly lo-fi ebbs of delicate beauty. Lyrically, this is a very sophisticated affair, sometimes sounding poetic, but never in a way that comes off esoteric, usually detailing love and its downfalls in a very eloquent manner . . . This is hands down the best record I’ve heard this year so far, a record that is nothing short of stunning, an absolute must hear for anyone with an interest in post-punk or moody, emotive rock with art/shoegaze influences."