Teething Veils Supporting ARU & Nice Breeze Tonight in DC!

Friends, here we've assembled a memorable Monday night to start your week. 

Nice Breeze is the freshly formed band who've been recording and playing terrific refreshing fuzz-drenched hypnotic pop (just take in the thickness of 'suburban umbrella' through their Soundcloud page linked below). 

ARU makes a rare DC appearance, repping Captcha Records and the world of Personal Archives, the tape and CDR etc unit that documents and chronicles some of the most creative and inspired drone and noise and avant sounds around from the homebase of Dubuque, Iowa. It's not every day that these Iowans join us on the east coast, and our hope is that they'll have a suitcase full of tapes and CDRs with them. These titles don't always stay in print forever, so get them while the getting's good. Be sure to sample the glorious plethora of sounds through the Personal Archives page, too: http://personalarchives.bandcamp.com/

Teething Veils is playing a solo set for the first time since August 1 in Indianapolis and for the first time in the DC area since April 25, carrying the new double LP "Velorio," which some listeners have described more aptly than they could (Washington City Paper says "the sounds of a tearstained boozehound emerging from the fog of an unplanned nap... Teething Veils knows its way around a funeral procession, but the band can still make misery sound lovely.”): /teething-veils-press/ , but most likely the set will include mostly new and not-yet-recorded songs.

3rd- Nice Breeze (DC, mem. of Plums) https://soundcloud.com/nicebreeze 


2nd- ARU (Dubuque, Captcha Records) http://captcharecords.bandcamp.com/album/dpv35 


1st- Teething Veils (solo set, DC dark folk, Etxe Records) /teething-veils 


DOORS 7:30PM / SHOW 9PM / 21+ / $8

C. E. Goett