Etxe is one of DCist’s ‘best DC-area labels’

DCist has named Etxe among the “best record labels in the D.C. area,” and they have us in some pretty fantastic company.

Valerie Paschall writes “the word "Etxe" means "Home" in the Basque language, and the M.O. of this label isn't simply to release music but to bring bands into the family. It's not hard to identify an Etxe band: they might lean heavily on synths and acoustic guitar like local outfit Teething Veils or they might be a deep bass-driven rock outfit like Ohio's Fangs Out, but all of the projects have a haunting darkness that consumes the listener. And chances are those songs were all recorded in Petworth and no fewer than three of those bands will appear on a bill together should they all converge in the District.” Thanks, Valerie!

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C. E. Goett