Excellent Track by Track Review of Silo Halo's Blackout Transmission

Live and Die In Music's Jennifer Quigley writes an amazing track by track review of Silo Halo's most recent EP Blackout Transmission. Here are some passages by track:

Blackout Transmission: "The primal drum beat guides the guitars along creating a mind blowing wall of sound. The song is unadulterated punk rock in it’s execution and takes no prisoners. Blackout Transmission is a hark back to the days when alternative rock had attitude, rage and style."

Rosalind: "The chorus climaxes against a wall of guitar distortion which gives the track an epic romantic quality. The vocals are delivered in a truly forlorn quality and under the layers we can hear the sound of a melancholic piano. Rosalind is a beautiful ethereal noise rock track."

Urban Canyons & Beginnings: "The instrumentals on this track are what struck me the most. The bass riff immediately popped out at me. Lyrically and musically, the track takes on a certain ambience that makes it a trip to listen to, and for the genre this music places itself in, that is certainly a positive thing."

Pinhole Camera: "Acoustic guitars combined with the vocal delivery add a certain warmth to the track. Pinhole Camera is another track which as an epic romantic guitar that is enhanced by the infectious riffs and organs. The track ends with an instrumental lead by guitars and another stellar bass riff and fades out."