Stärka Magazine (Spain) Review of Silo Halo's "Blackout Transmission"

One of the more significant aspects of this North American trio is the immense power with which they face their compositions. "Blackout Transmission" is loaded with great instrumental developments and a good deal of energy, although Silo Halo’s lyrics speak to issues such as frustration, loss of hope, and other rather dark themes.

Really, this album is all of those things, with moments that are leisurely and forceful at once, as in "Rosalind.” More direct moments are found in "Black Transmission," which opens the album with a certain post-punk vibe, and still others evoke melancholy feelings, as with the album closer “Pinhole Camera.”

The complexity of the compositions and the different sensations conveyed don’t allow Silo Halo to be placed within a specific genre, even as they drink from post-rock, post-punk, and shoegaze. That and much more can be said of “Blackout Transmission,” a special disc, as making all the difference, because their songs take you to a parellel universe and invite you to start listening again and again in search of new emotions that you may have previously overlooked.

Silo Halo’s versatility allows its three members, Alejandro Castaño, Christopher Goett, and Greg Svitil, who come from other projects such as The Antiques, Girl Loves Distortion, The Red Fetish, Teething Veils, and Undercast, to take form as a group, seeing as its members tend to collaborate in various works of their peers.

"Blackout Transmission" covers a wide variety of sounds and themes in just half an hour, that will surely leave you perplexed.