Teething Veils footage from the TV John show

A Teething Veils solo set happened recently on the TV John show, and here's the footage. TV John performs a song to start, then Joe Dicey, then Teething Veils starts 20 minutes in. Here's the set list and times, in case you'd like to jump around:
20:08 TV John intro
20:20 Webbed
24:45 The Bridesmaid
28:44 Yellow Walls
32:00 Auburn Aumbry
35:48 Allover Fainting
39:26 Dinner Date
43:50 Ghosts Waiting to be Fleshed
46:00 The Human You Were
47:45 I’ve Really Let Myself Go
49:25 The Teeth of a Blizzard
51:02 There’s Nothing to Explain


C. E. Goett