Autumn Update!


Magic Wands – Abrakadabra Reviews!

Some rave reviews for the latest Magic Wands LP have come through . . . here are some excerpts with links to full reviews.  Buy the LP from our webstore. 

“Heavy on the hazy side with plenty of post-punk and new wave elements, there’s a spacey influence both musically and lyrically.” – New Noise Magazine

‘Magic Wands’ seem to spend as much time writing the music as they do manipulating it into the ethers of distortion, layering and reverb… which makes ‘Abrakadabra’ well worth the time and the listen.” – Primal Music

“Starting with a, distorted chant (“Bashmuuu”), Magic Wands‘ newest album, Abrakadabra, is both meditative and exciting.  The sudden burst of “Nocturnal” (one of the best shoegaze tracks of 2018) is like a stage magician throwing down a small flash bomb onstage.” – 7th Level Music

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Replicant Eyes Joins Etxe Records!

Replicant Eyes is a dark wave/post-industrial/post-punk duo from Washington, D.C., which combines existential themes with a collage of brooding synth sounds and sinister guitars. Featuring Alejandro Castaño (The Red Fetish) on guitar/electronics, and Dan Gonzalez on vocals.

Replicant Eyes will be digitally releasing their self-titled debut album on October 19th via Etxe Records, with a future tape release via Etxe Records to be determined.  Connect with the band on Facebook and Instagram.  We here at Etxe HQ are have been jamming these tunes on repeat – we suspect you will be doing the same soon.

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Near Northeast score the independent film The Evening Pink + Salita Sessions

The Evening Pink consists of photographs and film-based works made between the Pacific Ocean and interior American West by San Francisco based artist Ethan Rafal.  A psychedelic (Anti-) Western shot at the twilight of climate fallout, The Evening Pink was created in landscapes severely affected by drought, fire, flood — the total disruption of seasons, ecologies.

Near Northeast is scoring the film-based parts of this project, which you can hear snippets of in Ethan's Kickstarter video—the bands hopes to share their full soundtrack in 2019, so keep your ears and eyes out.

Near Northeast also released a reworking of an old song on FB via Salita Sessions:



[Painting by Laura Iverson]