Silo Halo "Blackout Transmission" released today April 22

We are proud to release Silo Halo's second body of music, "Blackout Transmission." You can hear the EP on SpotifyItunes, and the Etxe Bandcamp page. You can also hear songs from this and other Etxe releases on Etxe's Soundcloud page by following this link.

A preliminary review is in from District Beat. Here's a sample:

"Blackout Transmission is vaster, grander...joined by a wistful edge that wanders through the songs, from the relentless title track to the dreamier “Urban Canyons & Beginnings.” At times, the record has a post-rock feel; at others, it’s unabashed avant-garde noise. Silo Halo slips effortlessly through dusk to dawn, speared onwards by a search for something lost. Listening to Blackout Transmission is returning to streets you used to walk every day until it hit you, suddenly, that you hadn’t been there in years. Even as it drives forward, the record demands an acknowledgement of what once was and, in turn, the full story of a place, lingering in the air as the sun rises."

Thank you for the kind words, District Beat! Read the full review here.

You can order your copy on 160-gram vinyl with download and insert, CD and digital formats through the Etxe webstore.

Blackout Transmission 12"/CD/Digital

Etxe Records 007

Track Listing:

01. Blackout Transmission

02. Rosalind

03. Urban Canyons & Beginnings

04. Pinhole Camera

Silo Halo’s second release, the EP “Blackout Transmission” presents a body of music whose narrative traverses through landscapes against a backdrop that shifts from late daylight into dusk, night, and pre-dawn. This compact four-song set sees primary songwriters Christopher Goett (bass guitar, guitar, voice) and Greg Svitil (bass guitar, guitar, organ, piano, voice) addressing themes of empowerment, nostalgia, and personal and communal assertion, with drummer Nathan Jurgenson providing a graceful rhythmic backdrop. This cohesive work covers a broad range of sonic and thematic ground in just half an hour.

C. E. Goett