Silo Halo's Blackout Transmission City Paper review

The Washington City Paper's Joe Warminsky has weighed in on "Blackout Transmission."

Here's a sample:
Silo adept at creating a lonesome rumble. The four songs on Blackout Transmission, Silo Halo's second release on Etxe Records, all expand past the five-minute mark, and they're all studies in the interplay between warehouse-sized reverb, Nathan Jurgenson's ever-active drumming, and dryly melodic human utterances from bassists/guitarists Greg Svitil and Christopher Goett (the label's co-owner) . Very little on Blackout Transmission is delicate, but there is vulnerability underneath it all. Even the sudden percussive breakdown during the title track feels like it's probing an uncertain future.

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C. E. Goett