Silo Halo's "Blackout Transmission" reviewed by DC Rock Live

DC Rock Live weighs in on "Blackout Transmission." Here's the review:

"This local trio is finally back with some new music. Their structure has changed as they have swapped out one axe for a live drummer, which is something I have looked forward to. The core sound remains with a rock based dreamy shoe gaze style. They stretch four songs into nearly one half hour of music, but the key is that these are songs with a strong personality and not just exercises in attractive noise. There is attractive noise, particularly on "Rosalind", but it is a pleasurable coda on top of a moving song. The title cut is particularly moving with its melding of Tuxedomoon and Sonic Youth moves. This band establishes a mood around their songs and finds intriguing ways to work their guitars and keyboards around the melodies with a solid drum beat underneath. This record shows that Silo Halo still has fine ideas and great skill and will hopefully continue to share them with DC music lovers and beyond."

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C. E. Goett