Ars Phoenix's "Violent Rain" earns high marks in That's How Kids Die

Ars Phoenix's "Violent Rain" receives high praises from That's How Kids Die. Here's a sample:

"Ars Phoenix gracing us with yet another must-hear...a keen pop sensibility, utilizing dual male/female vocals to drive hooks in deep, but they also keep things dark, dense and ever-so-slightly menacing. Indeed, each song is expertly crafted, and one can tell instantly that the band spent a great deal of time making sure everything is in its right place.  This meticulous approach pays off handsomely for Ars Phoenix, as there isn’t a single dud to be found’s melancholic, malevolent, paranoid and pretty, sometimes all at once.  It’s also likely one of the best albums in this style you’re going to hear in 2014.  This moody masterpiece is available on CD, vinyl or as a pay-what-you-want download via Bandcamp."

Read the full review here. Thank you, That's How Kids Die!

C. E. Goett