Silo Halo receives 5/5 Star Review from New Noise Magazine!

If you’re like me and have always had a penchant for the sort of post-punk that emanates from Washington D.C. and the duo of Silo Halo aren’t on your radar, you’re missing out. Together Christopher Goett (Blackout Transmission, Girl Loves Distortion) and Greg Svitil (Teething Veils, The Antiques) have taken on the time honored tradition of moody post-punk and carved out a very unique version where noise, shoegaze, post-rock and punk are all expanded on with amazing results.

While the first half of the album is reminiscent of Unwound as a desert rock band and appears cut from a similar cloth to late period Fugazi or even Hoover, the second half is a slightly more straight forward affair with guitar fuzz and turbulent melodies that songwriters like Lou Barlow have made good use of. Really, though, there’s little use for comparison, as Silo Halo even get close to carnival rock, too, and songs like “Weekend”, with a strong organ presence and dark atmosphere could soundtrack Halloween, while “Whistle Past The Graveyard” might be called ambient folk.

If you want to hear an early contender for album of the year, pick this one up.

C. E. Goett