Silo Halo - Self-Titled

Silo Halo - Self-Titled

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Limited edition of Deluxe 12" vinyl version of our latest album featuring artwork by Rudy Espinoza and designed by Team Friday. Pressed on lovely clear lavender vinyl. High gloss jacket and black poly-lined sleeves

Small batch run of CDs in a lovely gatefold wallet that unfolds with lyrics. Cover art by Rudy Espinoza, design by Team Friday, and CD layout by Luis Gutierrez

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Silo Halo (self-titled) 
Silo Halo | 5
Etxe Records & Productions | 13


released January 19, 2018

Christopher Goett | bass guitar, guitar, keyboards, voice
Greg Svitil | bass guitar, guitar, keyboards, piano, voice

Ivan Basauri | drums, 1-2, 5,7
Alejandro Castaño | bass, 5-6
Chuck Engel | drums, 6
Nathan Jurgenson | drums, 3-4, 8-10
Pamela Long | vocals, 10

Words and music by Christopher Goett and Greg Svitil

Recorded at Empress of Sound Studio | Washington, DC and Twin Dragon Audio | Los Angeles, CA
Engineered by Christopher Goett and Greg Svitil

5-7, 10 recorded at Omega Studios | Rockville, MD
Engineered by Donzell Broadnax (5,7) and Nick Martin (6,10) with Omega Studios' School of Applied Recording Arts & Sciences

Mastered by James Plotkin at Plotkinworks | Bethlehem, PA

Cover photo by Rudy Espinoza
Design and layout by Team Friday

Thanks to family, friends, and you.