Replicant Eyes - Self-Titled [Digital Download]

Replicant Eyes - Self-Titled [Digital Download]


Replicant Eyes is a dark wave/post-industrial/post-punk duo from Washington, D.C., which combines existential themes with a collage of brooding synth sounds and sinister guitars. Featuring Alejandro Castaño (The Red Fetish) on guitar/electronics, and Dan Gonzalez on vocals.

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“Sonically there is a lot to unpack on their forthcoming self-titled record. Released on October 19th 2018, the band has featured a couple of tracks you can stream above. Thus far, both make will definitely make your ears groove, but “Snake In The Garden” is reminiscent of the early days of Dark Wave – especially Killing Joke. Only, perhaps just a little darker.

Diving deeper, the other track “Here’s Your Vengeance” carries a little more of a post-punk vibe, while still employing some of the same eerie keys we’ve come to expect from the dark wave genre. One might even give this a post-industrial tag, with the grittiness the track contains.

Ultimately, there are a bevy of quick quips regarding Blade Runner, Philip K. Dick, and replicants that I could make here, but the music speaks for itself. Even if you’re not into the genre specifically, I’d give Replicant Eyes an ear bend. I dare say you won’t be disappointed. The songs are moody and have a distinct cadence to them. They would also be killer to stand in front of a giant PA system and let the aural waves wash over you.” — Anthony Saia,