Fangs Out - Speech Shadowing

Fangs Out - Speech Shadowing

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Deluxe 12" vinyl version of Fangs Out "Speech Shadowing" on silver vinyl. Jackets printed with reverse-board matte finish. Layout design by the band's own Mark Peterson. 

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 "An amazing LP from the Toledo duo. Haunting female vocals over awesome fuzzed-up guitar. It evokes some of my favorite 90s-style alternative, reminiscent of Dinosaur Jr and Siouxsie. The band went all out on a remarkable package and I can't even explain how impressive it is."                                                                                                   - Pat O'Connor, Culture Clash Records

 "Somehows simultaneously sonically dense and minimalist, this dark duo is so spookily seductive..."                          - Roctober Reviews

"[20 Best Albums Of 2010, #16] ... a high tempo, high energy, churning, droning bass and drum heavy stomp that maintains that New Wave/post-punk angularity that audiophiles are familiar with. Much like the Clash, Wire and Gang of Four, Fangs Out’s lyrics are full of incisively bitter, sarcastic irony that manages to poke fun at sacred cows, while saying something fundamentally true...Most importantly, there’s a deceptive simplicity to the songs that will blow your mind away."
- William Reuben Helms, The Joy Of Violent Movement

"Genuine, and definitely not scene-hipsters ... a poetic blend of musicianship reminiscent of 70's underground
Euro-punk bands on a sweaty dance night..."
- Doc Rock, Morning Show Network

"Music philosophers will tell you that music is comprised of both sound and silence, but someone forgot to tell Fangs Out, as the ceaseless riffs roared through the speakers. The straight-forward nature of their compositions attractively accompanies the heart-wrenching alto of the lead singer. A very satisfying set..."
David Glivar, Cool Thanks

"...savvy enough to temper the inevitable artiness with enough pop sensibilities and end up with a tune or two that are gloomily danceable."
Jimmy Alvarado, Razorcake 

"The elegant minimalism combined with Wandtke’s velvetry voice with sultry tones, creates a very sexy sound. 
Their stripped down style is anything but arbitrary. Listen to the lyrics, and it is obvious they have a lot to say."
Cleveland Town Topics  

" interesting take on that focuses on simple ideas and playing to make its point...
 an early Rough Trade-vibe with pretty consistent results."
David Smith, Delusions of Adequacy 

"...a simplicity that can be mind-blowing ...the songs on the album offer a quick cathartic rush
that’ll make you want to get up and get funky during this relatively short and strangely exciting album."
William Reuben Helms, The Whiskey Dregs

"...their brand of full-speed-ahead art-punk is engaging and fun ... mixing and matching instruments to
suit their needs at any given moment. This sort of edge-of-chaos fun shines in the angular sounds of their songs"
Adam Kivel, Consequence of Sound

"A highly inspired debut for this multi-talented two-piece ... Speech Shadowing is a fiercely delivered collection of songs that defy contemporary structures and celebrates an honest respect for all things uncompromising. This is an act that harkens back to the days when D.I.Y. was truly a philosophy and not simply a catchphrase."
Rich Quinlan, Jersey Beat

"A DIY ethic, so strong, it qualifies them as one of the hardest-working bands hailing out of Northwest Ohio...
Speech Shadowing contains ten of the catchiest, reverberating tracks to grace our ears ... solid from beginning to end"
Emily Rippe, Toledo City Paper 

"...a lo-fi luxury full of raunchy guitars, dirty noise, fat stomps, and sublimely melodic vocals ... Samantha Wandtke and Mark Peterson have a keen sense of the raw melody and careless charisma that transcends punk rock into the realm of street soul."
Ryan Bunch, 

"... the beautifully dark range of Ms. Wandtke's vocals, raw instrumentation and lo(wer)-fi recording accentuate each track, giving contemporary relevance that deserves more than a second listen."
 - Milk Milk Lemonade

"'s amazing how much ground just two people cover within these tracks ... Fangs Out inject memorable melodies
and dance-like traces into their hypnotic and often droning rhythms."
Tom Haugen, 

"Fangs Out's penchant for plumbing the early '80s art-rock catalog and forging tightly drawn grooves places the pair in tune with the current retro-zeitgeist and impeccably in sync with each other. The band also makes a compelling case for the more-with-less approach by switching instruments and singing duties, and exploring a range of moods."
Jonathan Rickman, The Washington Post Express 

"...a rotating twist and turn of raw early New York style art rock. The songs are catchy, danceable and melodic.
You won't find any crazy stage antics or false hype with this duo. It is what it is, and it's worth a listen and a look."
Chris Reed, The Examiner