Girl Loves Distortion - Earth Beings on Exhibit

Girl Loves Distortion - Earth Beings on Exhibit

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Limited-run CDs in a digipak booklet featuring original photography by Girl Loves Distortion. 

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Etxe Records & Productions | 1
Girl Loves Distortion | 1

Girl Loves Distortion's debut album is also the first release by Etxe Records & Productions. Recorded in July 2007 at Swim-2-Birds Studios (Washington DC) by Hugh McElroy (Black Eyes). 

Additional recording and mixing during September – November 2007 at Vanishing Point Studios (Arlington VA) and Twin Dragon Studios (Washington DC). 

Cover Art featuring Girl Loves Distortion by Kristian Whipple based on concept by Christopher Goett. Mastered by Chad Clark and Devin Ocampo at Silver Sonya.

Released September 2, 2008

All songs by Christopher Goett (Undercast Music/SESAC), Steven Rubin (Rip The Knob Off Music/SESAC), and Jenn Thomas (Izza Music/SESAC).