Ars Phoenix - Violent Rain

Ars Phoenix - Violent Rain


Deluxe 12" color vinyl version of Ars Phoenix's "Violent Rain" LP. Pressed on opaque pink & black splatter that compliments original artwork by Mark Peterson (Fangs Out). 

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BRAINWASHED.COM: There is a distinctly bleak, gothic vibe pervading these songs, evident from the opening moments of "Chlorophyll". A rudimentary, stiff rhythm and strong guitar parts lead the song while the duet vocals from Jon Glover and Catlin Ollinger mesh wonderfully with understated keyboard progressions. On "Amethyst" the trio (plus guitarist Paige Fowler) follow a similar template, focusing on guitar and synth flourishes as it builds to a tighter, more forceful conclusion. The goth and synth pop elements are undeniable, but never are they cliché or exploited. 

The spirit of the early days of synth pop pervades the album, but thematically "Who Is Watching the Neighborhood Watchmen?" makes for an update of that classic theme of early industrial: paranoia. As Cabaret Voltaire built some of their legendary albums on the consequences of CCTV surveillance, Ars Phoenix updates it to drones and social media with a subtle nod to the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case in its title. 

As a whole, Violent Rain is rather slow and laconic, but at times the tempo is knocked a little higher, contrasting the more depressive moments. Ars Phoenix snaps along with a punky thrash on "Elegant Vapor," with noisier synths and a strong...  more


released March 8, 2014

Ars Phoenix is a darkwave/post-punk/synth pop trio featuring: 

Jon Glover on vocals, synth, guitar/dobro, 5-string bass, glockenspiel, and sampler/drum machine; 

Caitlin Ollinger on vocals, synth, glockenspiel, and Indian bamboo flute; and

Mike Cruickshank on electric violin and synth.