Teething Veils - Velorio

Teething Veils - Velorio

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Teething Veils' album "Velorio" featuring original commissioned artwork by Adam de Boer. Featuring reverse-board matte gatefold jacket with lyrics printed on inside and black poly-lined sleeves. 

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The album was recorded between December 24, 2011 and July 28, 2012 at our home studio, Empress of Sound in Washington, DC. 

The album has been mastered by John Golden (Mount Eerie, Sonic Youth, Chris Isaak) at Golden Mastering. 

All artwork was commissioned to and executed by Adam de Boer. 

All designed was carried out by Jon P Goldman

“Velorio” will be released by Etxe Records & Productions (etxe005). It will be available as a double LP with digital download, a CD, or a digital download on July 10, 2013. 

Thanks to your families, friends, and you.


released July 10, 2013

We made the bulk of this music as a group: 

Krys Baker: accordion, clarinet, flute, french horn, saxophone
Kevin Buckholdt: organ
Hannah Burris: viola
Christin Durham: voice
Craig Garrett: bass guitar
Nathan Jurgenson: drums and percussion
Alexia Kauffman: cello
Greg Svitil: bass guitar, glockenspiel, guitar, melodica, organ, piano, voice

Additional, crucial contributions were made by: 
Arthur Harrison: theremin
Christopher Goett: guitar
Jilly Hex: voice & lyrics
The Veilettes: voices
Trevor Wathen: engineering Jilly Hex in Indianapolis