Teething Veils - Dinner Date 7-inch

Teething Veils - Dinner Date 7-inch


Dinner Date b/w Out of Caverns Into Snow 

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Dinner Date

Teething Veils | 3
Etxe Records & Productions | 9

Track Listing: 
Side A: Dinner Date
Side B: Out of Caverns into Snow

Recorded on October 20 and December 29, 2014 at Empress of Sound Studios | Washington, DC

Mastered by James Plotkin at Plotkinworks | Bethlehem, PA

Artwork by Adam de Boer | adamdeboer.com 
Design by Jon Goldman

Etxe Records & Productions LLC | etxerecords.com 

released 4 August 2015

Hannah Burris | viola
Alexia Kauffman | cello
Greg Svitil | guitar, voice

Words and music by Greg Svitil

Arr. Burris, Kauffman, Svitil