The Red Fetish - The Wind, As Now, Is Silent

The Red Fetish - The Wind, As Now, Is Silent

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This album is the highest possible quality and includes the beautiful artwork by Curry Hackett.

You could even nail it to the wall, it is so pretty. 

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Themes of interpersonal relationships, gender roles, met and unmet expectations are explored throughout The Red Fetish’s 17th album overall and first for Etxe Records, “The Wind, As Now, Is Silent.” The DC-based band specializes in crafting spacious arrangements, providing the songs’ contents with room to breathe and flourish. 

Difficulties in forming intimate human connections while burdened by prescriptive gender roles are considered throughout the album. Still, much of the album’s uncomfortable subject matter takes the form of love songs, offering a paradox.

released April 30, 2016

This album was made by Alejandro Castaño, Kris Kagei, Bryan McTiernan, Kai Filipczak and Daniel Suhre, with the help of Alison Lowell, Claire Blaustein, Faheem Moghal, and Kylene Kiang. 

It was recorded by Greg Svitil at Empress of Sound studios in the Petworth neighborhood of Washington DC, mastered by James Plotkin, and includes artwork by Curry Hackett. 

The lyrics of South Virginia were written by Kris Kagei. The album was otherwise written by Alejandro Castaño.